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Monday, 6 August 2012

TVB: Ranked Top 30 promoted actresses

As known by most TVB fans, more and more actors and actresses are leaving TVB, either to Mainland China or to other Hong Kong Channels. As a result, the status of many TVB artists has risen to fill in the missing gaps. I’ve made my own list of the top 30 promoted and valued TVB artists. 
The rankings are my own opinion. I’ve omitted the actresses that have left TVB, like Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, and Maggie Cheng.

Do you agree with my list? Have I missed anyone obvious out? What changes would you make to ?

Popular 1st leads
1.      Tavia Yeung / Myolie Wu
3.      Linda Chung / Fala Chen
5.      Kate Tsui

Other 1st leads
6.      Maggie Siu
7.      Sonija Kwok
8.      Niki Chow (not signed with TVB, but still promoted)
9.      Yoyo Mung

Other 1st leads, probably in male dominated series, or 2nd leads of grand productions
10.  Krystal Tin
11.  Selena Li
12.  Aimee Chan
13.  Natalie Tong

Rising actress with big supporting roles
14.  Sharon Chan

Strong actresses only used as fairly major supporting actresses
15.  Florence Kwok / Joyce Tang

Rising actress with big supporting roles
16.  Mandy Wong
17.  Sire Ma
18.  Nancy Wu
19.  Rebecca Zhu
20.  Elaine Yiu
21.  Yoyo Chen

Rising supporting actresses
22.  Cilla Lok
23.  J J Jia
24.  Christine Kuo
25.  Rachel Kan
26.  Katy Kung
27.  Ka Ki Leung

Supporting actresses
28.  Angel Chiang
29.  Queenie Chu
30.  Charmaine Li


lynne said... [Reply]

Just came across your blog and wanted to leave a message :D

Not much tvb bloggers around so was happy to see your blog :D Interesting posts you have so far! Enjoyed reading your No Good Either Way's review! Also the artistes cloud thingy. Hope we can talk more later on x)

Yian said... [Reply]

Hi Lynne. Thank you very much for stopping by! I'm going to hop over to your blog to have a visit :)

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