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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

造王者 King Maker initial thoughts and Character chart (in English)

So King Maker has just started airing and I've only watched the first 2 episodes. So far so good. Only thing with these serious ancient series is that sometimes I don't know what the characters are talking about :)
I'm going to refer to the character as their actor/ actresses names, as if you're anything like me, I haven't watched enough episodes to remember their names, so it should be easier to read.

First note: It seems like Wayne's character is more clever than Raymond's Zhu Ge Liang!

So I was having a look at the character map on the TVB website and my first reaction was "Oh my! This looks complicated". Having a further look, it wasn't really, they'd just put in more of the characters on the map than usual. I thought I'd translate all their relationships into English! (See below)

From the two episodes that I've watch so far, both Kent and Wayne should be Pierre's advisor, but apparently Kent becomes Chris' advisor later on. Also I don't know if it was intended, but there is no line connecting Elaine Yiu and Wayne Lai together, when they are in love. Does it mean that their relationship is to be short lived?

The following are relationships that I learnt from reading the synopsis on TVB's website. They may be already well known already, but don't read if you want to find out yourself any more relationships between the characters! I'm also making some guesses to what is going to be happening to the characters. They're probably wrong!

Again, after only watching the first two episodes, not much has been shown yet. I know that Wayne will get separated with his siblings, even though the King said that they could reunite. His little brother is going to unwillingly become an eunuch and his sister will lose her memory, then brought up by Krystal Tin. It's confusing because Wayne's little brother is in fact Patrick Tang, and his little sister is Natalie Tong.
It seems the three siblings won't know their relationships, Natalie for obvious reasons, and Wayne won't recognise Patrick as his will be called by his eunuch name. Patrick should recognise Wayne though, so I wonder how the storyline goes from there.

Their relationships will probably get more complicated as Patrick is under Florence Kwok, but Wayne will be against her. This means the brothers will be against each other. At least his little sister develops feelings for Pierre, who Wayne is working for. But TVB style, she'll probably get murdered by Vivien Yeo out of jealousy. Probably just before she finds out who her brothers are.

Another confusing thing is why Natalie is apparently Shek Sau's daughter when she was brought up by Krystal, and Krystal has no relation to Shek Sau?

Original picture from TVB at

Translated to English:

So they are my initial thoughts. Maybe I got fooled by the TVB synopsis or the character chart. I predict lots of big scenes of Wayne and Kent arguing, lots of women crying, and touchwood, probably a sad ending. If so with the latter, I think I'm going to throw a little tantrum and cry. Happy ending please, TVB!

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lynne said... [Reply]

I am so confuse by the synopsis and the first two episodes too!!!! I don't get it o.O

In the first two episodes, Wayne looks like Wayne but his two siblings is very young.....but I guess after a few years, they'll grow to Natalie and Patrick =.= All in all, I thought they should've used a younger version for Wayne in the first place. Because his two siblings will age while he magically stay like he was 15 years ago =.=

I'm very confuse with the age stuff in here.......other wise, it's actually quite nice to watch :)

I agree that I imagined more fighting though....I wonder how Kent is going to turn evil? o.O He's so nice now....I like him a lot. I'm really looking forward to more of his character....he's not hot-headed like Wayne, which makes him a bit more interesting to watch since we don't know what he's up to.

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