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Monday, 27 August 2012

巴不得媽媽 Divas in Distress initial thoughts and Character chart (in English)

I think that Divas in Distress is a rather daring series. It doesn't have any of the top fadans or siu sangs. The only 'in' casts are Mandy Wong and Him Law, who funnily enough are paired together in this series.

To be honest, it's one of those series I'm not interested in. I'm not really that interested in the plot of this series, and probably wouldn't watch it if I were at school or university. But as it's holiday time for me, I'll watch anything TVB puts on!

I think it's quite nice though, having two veteran actors Liza Wang and Gigi Wong as the main characters then some new-comers. Don't forget Chin Kar Lok, who debuted in the acting industry at 1985 who is the male lead here for his third series. I thought he was excellent in A Bride for a Ride which was a massive comedy, so I wonder how he will be in a slightly more serious role!

I've only watched the first episode of Divas in Distress so far. I'm not really drawn into the series yet. The start of the episode bored me at the start but got a bit more interesting towards the end when they start to draw the characters together and show that Liza and Gigi have some ongoing feud. 

Newcomer Eliza Sam had the most screen time for the actresses in this episode. I was looking forwards to her performance. It's a new face, and even though this character might be a bit too main for her since she's only started acting, I hope she starts well, or she's going to flop, like Matthew Ko who hasn't had a dominant role since "Man in Charge" with Kenneth Ma.
I'm neutral towards her performance so far. I didn't notice her accent much in Ghetto Justice 2, but as soon as she opened her mouth in Divas in Distress I heard it. I think it's quite light, but just in a way that makes her quite hard to understand. I think it's better than Christine Kuo's, but not as good as JJ Jia's. As there's 22 episodes of "Divas in Distress", I hope that I will get used to it! 
Acting wise I could see that she's giving it all her throwing herself into it which is quite nice. Because of this though I think she's exaggerating sometimes with her facial expressions and movements. For her first major role though, I'd say she's doing quite well so far. Let's see how she performs through the whole series.

Haven't seen much of Liza or Gigi yet. Liza always tends to play the rich lady with a good posture but bad temper, and it looks like it's going to be the same again. I don't remember seeing Gigi in any major roles before so I look forwards to seeing her on screen too!

Here are the character maps for Divas in Distress, the original one and one that I translated to English. The relationships seem much more simple than the ones in King Maker!


foreverlovetvb said... [Reply]

Hey!! Thanks for the info on Bernice's series!! I couldn't find it..thank you ;D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The new gal in ghetto justice 2 is Crystal Li not Eliza Sam. Crystal speaks better Cantonese in GJ2 than Eliza Sam in Divas. :)

Yian said... [Reply]


Thanks for reading my post! Eliza Sam was in couple of episodes in Ghetto Justice playing Bobo, the 3rd party of Elena Kong's marriage.

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