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Monday, 10 September 2012

7 of my favourite TVB theme songs

Following my post on 8 english songs used by TVB that I liked, I thought I'd do a post on the TVB theme songs that I liked too!

I was only going to do my 5 favourite songs, but it turns out I can't count and I chose 6 songs, and by that time I just couldn't take any of them away from the list!

Also it appears that I like songs with creepy beginnings. I'm a weird person.
I'll put an asterisk on those songs :) 

*6) 心竅 from "Ghost writer" by Steven Ma (蒲松齡- 馬浚偉)
My first song with a "creepy beginning. This is not the type of the song I would want on my MP3, but I love Steven Ma's voice in this.

*5) 傷城記 from "L'Escargot" by Ron Ng and Linda Chung (缺宅男女- 吳卓羲+鍾嘉欣)
I didn't like this song at first when hearing it during L'Escargot. It didn't help that the piano at the start of the song got cut horribly in the video at the start of the show. I only started liking it when I listened to the full version. Then I really loved the starting instrumental. I think it sounds quite "creepy" but beautifully creepy as the piano pattern crawls about with the cello in the background. I like the tune and the singing too, I personally don't think Ron can sing very well, but he's ok here. But to be honest this song only made the list because of its first 25 seconds. I liked it that much!

4) 最幸福的事 from "Witness Insecurity" by Linda Chung ( 護花危情- 鍾嘉欣)
The cello introduction is very pretty and I really liked Linda's style of singing here. I think because TVB kept playing this song in the series, it got stuck in my head more, so I liked it more and it made this list :)

3) 有意 from "Burning Flames III" by Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu (烈火雄心3- 胡杏兒+鄭嘉穎)
This song is played at the end of the show, so it is not strictly a theme song. I like both of their voices. It's a song I can listen to all day!

2) You light up my Life from "My Sister of Eternal Flower" by Raymond Lam (花花世界花家姐- 林峯)
This song is so happy and peaceful. I like the instrumental. I love Raymond Lam's voice too! It's just a lovely lovely song!

*1) 小故事 from "A Journey Called Life" by Steven Ma and Linda Chung  (金石良緣- 馬浚偉+鍾嘉欣)
I count the start of this song as being creepy because of that women's ghostly voice.
I reserved the top spot for this song, there was no competition for my number one favourite song! I didn't watch this series and I only noticed this song by watching random Youtube videos. I then found myself looking for the song to listen to again and again. I think that Steven and Linda's voices match really well and they both have good emotion. I remember thinking that Linda somewhat spoilt the theme song for "A Watchdog's Tale" because Steven Ma sung it so happily and cheekily, whilst I though her parts were just  missing something and unmatchable to Steven's parts. But again, their singing really matched in this number one song.

I've read about this series and lots of people say that this is a really good show. I'm a bit tempted to watch this series now, but even if I do, I'll have to wait until there's an airing TVB series that I don't want to watch. I can't watch 3 TVB series together at one time!

If you've noticed that I've only listed 6 songs here, whilst the title of the post says that this post will have 7 songs, then well done!
I haven't put my 7th song in the list above has it isn't actually the theme song of its series and I don't think it was played at the end either, but it was played in the series instead. I love it too much not to include it in my list. It's also a bit of a cheat to add another song to this list:

愛在記憶中找你 from "The Drive of Life" by Raymond Lam (歲月風雲- 林峯)
This is my all time favourite song of LF's.

Out of the 7 songs, Linda Chung is in 3 of them and both Steven Ma and Raymond Lam are in 2 of them.
I think that Linda Chung and Raymond Lam are in my list more than once because of coincidence, I don't go looking out for their songs even though I think they are both good singers, LF especially!   
However I do think that I listened to the Steven Ma songs initially because they were sung by him and I love Steven Ma. It's such a shame he left TVB! There aren't many people in TVB that can sing and act well, as well as having many other talents.

So these are my favourite TVB theme songs. Which is yours?


Rachel said... [Reply]

hi! i found your blog through twitter! :) i have to say i agree with most of your choices, the only one i don't like as much is ghost writer...because i still get creeped out from it when i hear it hahahah but that's just because i'm a wimp lol but great review! :) i'm going to go read your other posts now! glad to see another tvb blog out there!

Yian said... [Reply]


Thank you Rachel! I'm quite certain that the Ghost Writer song wouldn't be on my list if it wasn't Steven Ma singing it :)

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