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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

8 English Songs Used in TVB series

In my recent post here about the English song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" in Divas in Distress I have realised that TVB has pretty good taste in music when picking English songs to put in their series :)

I've posted Youtube videos here of the songs that I remember and really like! Please note that none of these videos belong to me!

1. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Brain Tse. Used in Divas in Distress (巴不得媽媽).
So I was only introduced to this song yesterday by episode 6 of Divas in Distress. Like I mentioned there, I can't find the actual version which was sung by Brain Tse from series 2 of TVB's The Voice.

So here's another version by Barry Manilow

A few of you have sent me youtube links to the full version, and I thought I had updated the post for it, but it turns out I haven't! Sorry! Anyway so here's the full version of Brian Tse's cover!

*Edit: found the download link to Brian Tse's version of "Can't my eyes off you". Find the link at this post.
2. "Some Say Love" by LeAnn Rimes. Used in Ghetto Justice 2 (怒火街頭2).
I think of this as the Ah Deng and Sum Sum song, played when Sam Lee and JJ Jia are onscreen.

There are other songs by a singer called Adele used in Ghetto Justice 2, but I didn't include them in this list as I knew the songs already! For anyone looking for them, the song names are "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone like you".

3) "Close To You" by The Carpenters. Used in Let It Be Love (4 in Love).

4) "Top of the World"  by The Carpenters. Used in Let It Be Love (4 in Love).

5) "Summerboy" by Lady Gaga. Used in Let It Be Love (4 in Love).
I was surprised when I found that the song is by Lady Gaga as I've never enjoyed her music. I can't deny that I like this one though, and it's pretty catchy!

6) "Wonderland" by Susan Barth. Used in The Rippling Blossom (魚躍在花見).
I think they only played this song once near the end of the last episode. It's a lovely song!

7) "Save The Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams. Used in Fly With Me (飛女正傳).
I didn't really like the series itself, and the only good thing I remember from it is this song. Otherwise I remember Moses Chan's wig and the silly storyline which wasted Ada Choi's appearances in TVB.

8) "In Another Time" by Jodie Simmons. Used in Shades Of Truth (水滸無間道).
From 2002, I don't actually think I watched this series fully. It was 10 years ago! The only thing I remember from that show is Gigi Lai's hair and that Chilam is in it. The song however I still remember, and I still remember the majority of the lyrics!

...9) Any more?

These are the english songs that I remember TVB using. There must be ones that I've missed out though, leave comments below if you know remember any others! 

If you enjoyed this post, you can listen to mores songs in this post:


Kelly said... [Reply]

Hi, there are 3 more songs that TVB used to use on a lot of series. They are
Lauren Christy
-The Color Of The Night

Caron Nightingale
-Promises Don't Come Easy
-This Time I know

Yian said... [Reply]


Thanks for the reply, Kelly. I've just gone and listened to those 3 songs. I don't recognise the first one, but I remember the other two! I don't think TVB have used those two songs for a while :) Reminds me of the olden times :D

Those songs suddenly made me think that there was a nice song in Heaven and Earth too... can't remember it though, so I'm going searching around now!

Yian said... [Reply]

*When Heaven Burns

Found another song but it wasn't the one I was looking for:

Baby Now - Nichole ALDEN!

Yernie Yip said... [Reply]

If im not mistaken, adele's cover of love song by the cure was also played in ghetto justice 2. Not as often as the other two adele songs though.
Now that you mention it, im trying to recall what songs were in when heaven burns.
Oh yeah just remembered, in Gloves Come Off, they play Dont Look Back In Anger by Oasis whenever Kevin Cheng goes jogging. And thanks for posting the If You Dont Know Me By Now song! Its a nice song, haha.

Yernie Yip said... [Reply]

Gloves come off- dont look back in anger by oasis, when kevin cheng goes jogging.
Also, if im not mistaken they also played adele's cover of lovesong by the cure a few times in ghetto justice 2 :)

Pris said... [Reply]

Found Brian's new video for the full version of his cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"

peter fisher said... [Reply]

hey do you guys know what song is the one in Golden Faith where it goes..

"...i've been here before... standing through the door... is this real love... is this real love?"

its used on several other tvb series too... can never ever find it... can you email it Thanks!

Yian said... [Reply]

Thanks Pris! I've updated the post!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Good sharing!
I hv one which i strongly recommend though, featured in Filthy Rich : O COME, O COME, EMMANUEL~

Yian said... [Reply]


Hi there! Is Filthy Rich another name for 富貴門(I knew it as Born Rich) ? I remember that song too! Anyone who wants to listen to it:

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I really like "I will be your shelter" and "someone there for me" by Rebecca Blaylock. "Is This Real" by Visions is also a classic.

Tammy Chong said... [Reply]

Hi, do you know what is the title of the song they were playing in the series Burning Flame 3 (烈火雄心3), when Kevin Cheng invites Myolie Wu to his friends new bar.

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