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Sunday, 29 July 2012

護花危情 Witness Insecurity review

Witness insecurity is probably the last Linda Chung series of 2012. It's nice and fast paced, and doesn't drag as it's only 20 episodes. If anything, I don't think that some things were explained very well: it was rumoured that the show was meant to have 28 episodes, but apparently that rumour is false.

Bosco Wong as Hui Sir / 許瑋琛
Hui Sir is a witness prosecution unit officer. He has to protect Hailey when there is fear of her being murdered. He learns that she doesn't like to talk to others because she has post traumatic stress disorder. He is patient with her and fulfils his job by protecting her from any danger. When Hailey was not in danger any more, Hui Sir did not have to protect Hailey anymore, and they parted.
Not long after, Hailey was bought back into his life when, his cousin Jojo (to Hailey's request)At this time, her father makes Hui Sir decide between Hailey and his police job. The situation gets more complicated when Hui Sir finds evidence that Hailey's father may have committed a crime decades ago.
When Hui Sir does find enough evidence and Hailey's father gets arrested, he gets ran over by a car.
He then gets on his motorbike, drives to find Hailey, and tells her that he'll protect her from the stars as he died.

I liked Bosco's portrayal as a calm and competent policeman. I never saw Hui Sir having much feelings for Hailey. He didn't really think of her as a friend when he didn't have to protect her any more and he wasn't going to keep in touch with her. He seemed a bit confused when he first learned that Hailey had feelings for him and quickly stated that he felt nothing for her. 
His found some feelings for Hailey when she went missing and did struggle to decide between his job and Hailey. I thought that TVB could've shown more of his struggle to emphasise his feelings.  

It seemed a bit silly when he got ran over in the last episode. He was not bleeding on the outside at all, not even a scratch. He colleagues let him drive off after getting off the floor and looking a but woozy. It was sad that his character died, I hadn't expected it!
For some reason though, I was more sad when Ba Da died. Probably because it was more believable. It was so sudden too :(

Linda Chung as Hailey 喬子琳
Hailey has Post traumatic stress disorder. She saw her own brother die when she was young, and since then she became scared of new people and crowds. She has an attitude that people mistake as being arrogant. When Hui Sir comes into her life, she gradually loosens up. She accepts talking to new people and learns how to be in places with lots of strangers again. She even takes the initiative to get to know Hui Sir, and waits for his love to return when he tells her that he can't forget his deceased ex-girlfriend.
Her father does not approve of Hui Sir as his daughter's boyfriend. Hailey is stuck in the middle when Hui Sir tries to find evidence that her father did illegal things, and her father says that Hui Sir is only interested in her money.
In the end her father is arrested by the police and Hui Sir finds her, dying, but tells her that she does have a place in her heart.

I did like Linda's portrayal. I could really see how scared and irritated she was at the start of the series at other people. However I did think that her change to accepting other people too quick. It also seemed that her love with Hui Sir was more brotherly than romantic love, as it came when he saved her cello (which used to be her brother's) from the fire and knew about the same star constellation as her brother. I only seemed to see romantic love appearing when Hui Sir did not have to protect her anyone and she hadn't seen Hui Sir for a while.
Near the end of the series, I didn't think her character was any different than any other character Linda has portrayed in the past. Her character even became a bit boring for me then.

Paul Chun as Gong San 喬江山
Gong San is a successful business man, and cares about his daughter Hailey the most in his life. He objects to her and Hui Sir as a pair, forcing Hui Sir to leave the police force if he was to be with his daughter. It turns out that 33 years ago, he, his brother and another man named Sapura kidnapped and murdered a rich man to get their first amount of money to start their businesses. The police never traced the evidence back to him.  He tries and failed to prevent Hui Sir from finding this out, and is arrested in the end. He does regret his actions in the end when he is arrested.

A veteran actor, of course Paul did not disappoint! Gong San's actions were quite clear from the start. He cared for his daughter, wanted the best for her and was scared that people will find out what he did in the past and have everything he accomplished taken away from him. A well rounded character. I wonder if he would've let Hailey and Hui Sir together at the start if he wasn't a policeman.

Other thoughts

This is another series that won't stay in my head for long. The ending of Witness to a Prosecution was rushed. It was paced so fast that it only took 6 minutes from where Hui Sir was chasing Gong San to the ending where he died. In some series the climax and resolution are shown within the first 10 minutes of the last episode and the remainder of the episode shows everyone being all happy and gathering together for a BBQ ending.

I think this show is Bosco's first proper male lead, as in the show wasn't about women. He's been second lead enough times with different characters to portray to be able to carry a show by himself. I look forwards to watching him lead another series soon!

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