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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Why I would like to see Nancy Wu lead Rosy Business 3!

I just thought I'd like to voice my opinion on the casting of Rosy Business 3...

As you probably know, TVB are producing RB3 in early 2013, and Lee Tim Sing has chosen Myolie Wu to be the female lead since they have been unable to recruit Sheren Tang. I don't think it's a bad choice: even though out of the top of my head, I don't they they match very well, I wouldn't know before I actually watch the series. And I trust the two persuade the audience to like them as a couple anyway, as to me, they are both great at their jobs and can portray all types of characters convincingly. 

However as the title of this post says, it would be awesome if they had cast Nancy Wu as the female lead instead! She was part of the cast in both Rosy Business and No Regrets, so the change of the female lead wouldn't be so out of the blue. She has already been paired with Wayne before in "Forensic Heroes 3" and they will have some sort of relationship line in the upcoming "The Confidant", so they'll already be compatible to some of the TVB audience. 

It's true that Nancy Wu has never lead a series before, but RB3 would be just the right drama to secure Nancy Wu as a leading fadan.  Having her pair up with an experienced actor like Wayne for her first leading series would also give her status that push to make it up there with those like Selena Li. 
I would trust Nancy to make a good job of leading this drama too, even if it's a big production. I've seen many people on forums and other blogs  hoping that Nancy Wu will be promoted soon, and she is such a great actress anyway! I consider her to have better acting chops than some actresses that are promoted much more such as Selena Li and Aimee Chan (I have a post here where I ranked 30 TVB actresses in terms of how much I felt they were promoted).

So there's my mini rant about why I would like Nancy Wu to lead this new series. I'm quite confused if it is supposed to be RB3, or it's just a new drama Lee Tim Sing is producing. He denies its production, now they say it is happening after all? Still, whether it is or not, I want Nancy Wu to be promoted! I really do think that if she does get to lead a series, Wayne Lai should be cast as her partner. Maybe it could be a male dominated drama just so Nancy gets some leading experience before she gets another leading role with more screen time.

Wishful thinking though, sadly it seems that TVB likes to keep Nancy under-promoted. What are your thoughts?

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