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Friday, 13 July 2012

衝呀!瘦薪兵團 No Good Either Way review

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No Good Either way has a fresh storyline and cast. It's the first time seeing Ruco Chan and Kristal Tin this year, and we don't seem to see them very often anyway. It was a series I enjoyed. Parts of the story actually made me laugh out loud, which is rare- I usually only do internal laughings at TV :)

Ruco Chan - Alex/ 巫雅歷

Alex is a product designer and good friend with his boss. He feels injustice when Violet stops him and his friend Steve from being promoted. A light hearted character, Alex and Steve pulls pranks on Violet as a sort of revenge, such as putting her on webcam without make up on in front of an audience at Alex and Ling's wedding.

He has good with relationship "A4", his companions who he works with to design successful products. A carefree bunch, they often slack off work and look for "inspiration" by not doing work, much to Ling's despair, who attempts to get them to concentrate.

Soon, Alex is finally promoted and his funny personality begins to recede. He starts to overwork A4, and when he finds out that A4 had been seeking another company to work for, he treats them badly, putting them in a room with no windows and gives them pointless jobs. He refuses to let A4 help him with a product vital for his company's survival, even when he approach a problem in its design. He becomes frustrated at everybody including his wife and sister as he believes that no body thinks he can design this product by himself.

As he manages to produce a successful prototype of the product needed for his company's survival, Aaron, one of the A4 puts a virus into his computer so the information of the product cannot be seen. In the end he decides that one person is not enough to do things.
In the end he reunites with his wife and sister, and with Aaron arrested, he collaborates with A3 once again to continue to make products for the company.

I enjoyed Ruco Chan's performance, it was the first time he participated in a comedic series with TVB and I thought he was very natural and had chemistry with his friends and family. He performed consistently throughout the whole series, even though I didn't understand why he suddenly become all serious with his job and had a character change.

Louis Yuen- Steve /閔家華

 Many times Steve thinks that he is going to be promoted to manager at his company, but in the end he always finds out that he is not. He loses faith in his company, and opens a fruit juice shop with his Indian friend Inderpal. This business is unsuccessful, and he puts his former job at risk when secretly working at his shop during his office hours. Once filled with the hope of being promoted again, he closes the juice shop. To his dismay, he is yet not promoted. He becomes very unsatisfied again with his job. 
In the end he finally gets promoted to manager.

As usual I though Louis did great. He really is good at the comedic roles. I felt sorry for him, after thinking he is to be promoted each time and not. It wasn't good for him to snoop out of his office work to work in his fruit juice shop though. I was glad he was finally promoted to manager at the end. However to be honest, after seeing him being so depressed and stealing things from his company for his juice shop, it doesn't seem like he really deserves his position. 
It was nice to see him paired up with Leanne Li at the end though I thought it was a bit awkward how she suddenly broke up with her boyfriend and decided to be with Louis instead.

Kristal Tin- Ling / 甯寧靜

Alex's wife and also works in the same company. She puts her personal life and work separately, at home she is a loving wife though she disapproves of her husband's attitude at work. She tries to make her husband be efficient at work and be more responsible, but fails.
Further in the show, her relationship with Alex falls when Alex becomes angry at anyone who intervenes with the product he is making.

Similarly with Kristal Tin, I thought she did her parts well. I find that she is a solid actress. I hope that TVB gives her more opportunities!

Natalie Tong- Kin / 巫健兒

Alex's sister her ambition is to buy a house ASAP and is disheartened by the rising house values. She goes out with Aaron from A4, and the relationship does not go smoothly. They both invest in a house and Aaron does not prepare for paying for his debts by buying impractical expensive things whilst asking Kin to pay for him for now. She later finds that Aaron has told her many lies, and decides to break up with him.
At the end, her boss Jacky asks her to be his girlfriend. Even though he shows that he is a good choice, showing her his health reports and his properties, Kin decides not to be with him.
Later she sees Aaron after being released from jail. It is an open ending to whether the two reconcile.

I thought Natalie Tong did well in this series. Nothing to make me go wow, but it was comfortable watching her. I had always liked her acting, but in The Life and Times of a Sentinel. I thought her performance there was terrible, and I'm still recovering from it. I anticipate her first leading series with Wayne Lai, hopefully with such an experienced actor she can prove to us that she's main lead material!
I liked Kin with Jacky, and did want her to be with him in the end. But thinking about it more, I don't think that Kin would be happy with Jacky in the relationship. He makes a very good friend, but as a partner, he would lack the romance and surprises that Kin would want in her relationship.

Jason Chan- Aaron / 姚以朗

Part of A4, his is part of a designing team led by Alex. He becomes frustrated by Alex when he believes that Alex does not give his work appreciation. When he is approached by another company he accepts, and when Alex finds out the dislike between the two increases further. He later betrays the company by attempting to stop the company from survival after money problems. He serves a year in jail for doing so, and delivers pizzas afterwards. In the end he appears to have become more mature, being more mature as a whole.

I thought that almost all actors and actresses did well in this show. Only Jason Chan bothered me. I thought his expressions were quite often the same, especially during his confrontations with Alex. I also didn't like his character. I thought Aaron was selfish and didn't think of others. It seem to me that he never took his relationship with Kin seriously. He offered to pay of the house they bought together, but didn't plan ahead and had to have his girlfriend pay for his debt. He was not by Kin's side when they were supposed to refurbish their house together as he was scared of it being haunted, and masked it with a lie. I liked Jason Chan in Be Home For Dinner, but I don't think he's ready for being the main lead yet. But I'll get to decide only when his new show with Linda Chung airs!

I have enjoyed this show. It has been great for passing time. Not a memorable series though, but worth it for a simple and relatively quick paced series to watch!

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