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Monday, 3 September 2012

Divas in Distress: The song for Him Law and Mandy Wong

I watched the preview today for episode 6 of Divas in Distress:

The english song in it is pretty nice even though we only hear a snippet of it. I've spent over an hour trying to find it now!

The lyrics in the bit of the song played there:
You're just too good to be true,
I can't take my eyes off you,
You'll be like heaven to touch....

I love you baby

I quickly found that the song is called "Can't Take My Eyes Off you". Only problem is that there are lots of covers of the song! I've gone through the original and all the covers noted in this Wikipedia article and I swear that none of them is the one played in the preview!

The nearest one I found is this version below: (* Edit: see below!)

It's definitely not this one, in my opinion they sound most similar.

Here is Brian Tse's full version:

Does anyone which version it is that they used in the show?

More of the song will probably be played in episode 6. I wonder if it will be a song they play for Mandy and Him like they had one for JJ Jia and Sam Lee in Ghetto Justice 2?

Meanwhile the trailer looks good :) Mandy and Him are my favourite pair in this series and I'm interested in the hardships that they have to go through to hopefully be together in the end. I also wonder how Him will feel when he finds out about he is starting to like this "lower class girl" who causes him to cover his nose every time he sees her!

*Edit: Mandy has stated on her Weibo that the cover is by Brian Tse, 謝東閔, who came from The Voice 2. I can't find the full version but I will post its whereabouts if I do find it!
** Edit: This song has made me think about other english songs that TVB has used in their series. Click here to see my new post to listen to some of those other songs!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

the song is "I Love You Baby - Frank Sinatra" :)

jess said... [Reply]

Can't Take My Eyes off You - Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons

Yian said... [Reply]


Hi Jess! Thanks for the reply, the Frankie Valli version pulls around time more than the TVB version. It's a really nice version though :)
I think Brian Tse's version (the one used) is still buried in some inaccessible place :)

Yian said... [Reply]


Hi there, thanks for the reply!
Like above, Mandy Wong has already said that the version used in the show is sung by Brian Tse :) I can't find that version anywhere!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

the song in divas in distress is called 'can't take my eyes off you by brian tse'. but i can't find the song somehow

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i love divas in distress. Him Law and Mandy Wong is a cute couple. i want them to be together. :)

Yian said... [Reply]

@Anonymous 14:04

If you go on my post called "List of english songs in Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽" you will find a download link for it. It's not the full version though! I can't find it either :(

Yian said... [Reply]

@Anonymous 14:06

Him Law and Mandy Wong are a cute couple indeed :) I find Liza so annoying splitting them up. I hope they can get together for good soon! I'm going to get annoyed with the show if they don't :D

Zhen Wu said... [Reply]

No no is they used that version

Zhen Wu said... [Reply]

Guy's is Andy Williams - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Yian said... [Reply]

@Zhen Wu

Hello Zhen! As said above, Mandy Wong has said on her Weibo that Brian Tse sings this version.
I do remember listening to Andy Williams' version really closely when writing this post though, they do sound pretty similar! Andy's voice is more deep, and his version is in a slightly different pitch from TVB's version.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Mystery REVEALED... the actual singer is BOBBY DARIN!!!!!!!!! YAY, DL IT NOW. =)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's sung by Brian Tse

Anonymous said... [Reply]

hi, i was just wondering if any of yous know the song on mandy's phone that she always listens to?

Nikki said... [Reply]

Yian said... [Reply]

Thank you to anon. and Nikki! I've finally updated the post!

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