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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Top CashBack review
100% Cashback
I didn't know that there was anything quite like this, but it's really quite easy:

What you do when you buy something online is to type in the name of the place you are purchasing products for in the search bar (such as Travelodge, Pizza Hut New Look), click on the link that the website provides, and buy your products.
The next day, you have had cash back!!

Described as the 'UK's most generous Cashback Website', you can get money back from almost everything you buy like books, phones, groceries and even car insurance and products from Ebay. This is like getting products for a discount every time you buy somehting, even if it is already discounted on the website. Not bad huh?

The cashback you get depends on the website you buy the things from. For example, Boots offers 8.08% cashback, so if you buy £30 of products, you get £2.42 back. Some places are different, like if you so some groceries shopping on Asda you get £5.55 cashback, even though you can only do it once with one account, or if you activate a Tesco sim card through the website, you get £3.23.

To me, that is pretty amazing, if you are a frequent online buyer like me, the money adds up pretty quickly and you have a nice chunk of money you can use to spend on something else- and you get cash back from that as well! You also get special deals. I had this e-mail the other day with a special free delivery code for a website.

The website pays the cash back through to your Paypal account, bank account, or I seem to remember, as gift vouchers too if you want (verification needed).

One of the best thing of the website is that you don't necessarily need to buy and spend money to get cash back: you can get FREE MONEY too.
By completing questionnaires or using search engines through the page, you can also gain money. Surveys are at £0.70 per one, and search engines are at £0.04 per search. Admittedly it's not much, but after-all, this is easy free money, and you are helping the surveyors too by answering their questions. A favourite for me though is to write holiday reviews for Holidays Uncovered, as for each review, you get £1.01, which is really good!

There's no harm in trying it out, Top Cashback has worked really well for me, and it doesn't ask for any proper personal details like your bank details until you ask it to pay your cash back to you. So even if you use it for a while and decide it's not worth it (though I don't see why you would) you could just leave your account- it can't do anything to you.

I believe it is better than the other cash back websites though, before signing up with them, I had a look at the other websites, which either charge admin fees for every cashback, or gains a certain amount of your cashback. Either way, as Top Cashback emphasises, it is the only cash back website that gives you 100% of the cashback!

Give it a go! Sign up with the following link:

As if you click through one of the links (first is mine, second is my sister's... click whichever, I don't mind :) ), I get a little reward if or when you gain £5 cash back, and that would be very nice :) And I will be (one of) your best friends :) :)

100% Cashback

Meanwhile, if you fancy saving more money, take a look at another one of my blogs, a review of giffgaff (the link below), a really good and cheap mobile network. If you click on my link on it, you get £5 free credit! And you don't get the offer if you go directly through the website!
Happy reading!

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Topcashbackreview said... [Reply]

Yes Topcashback is an excellent site. Sometimes it can take up to 3 months for the money to go into your bank, but it's well worth the wait. Great article, well done!

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