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Friday, 2 September 2011

Review of giffgaff: How good? How to get £5 free credit?

(UK network)

I recently changed from T-Mobile to giffgaff as my sister recommended it to me. I do love my sister for doing so as giffgaff has done me no wrong (despite the name not beginning with a capital letter- that troubles me) and I'm saving money!

The tariff on giffgaff is much cheaper now for me, texts are only 6p, and calls are only 10p/min, instead of the 25p/min which I was paying for before. Also using the internet is much cheaper than before, and as the internet is only 20p a day, I can't help checking my e-mail continuously throughout the day when I am away form my laptop.

The service is very reliable too, I have had no problem in having failing service, and have had no reason to have to contact giffgaff. Now giffgaff manages to offer us so low prices because as on the website, it is 'The mobile network run by you'. This means that if there are any problems, you have to contact them via the internet as there is no phone number to them call up. But as said before, I have had no reason to have to contact them, so that isn't a problem for me. However if there is a problem, there is a user-friendly forum on the website where questions can be asked, and usually answered quickly by the team or other users.

giffgaff is full of surprises too. I got this text for them a week or so ago telling me that I was going to receive some goody-bag through the post from them as I had had my previous phone number transferred to them. There are also winners with £1500 vouchers. The winners are randomly drawn. Here's the page of winners, you can get an idea of the chances of winning something, there are many other ways in being in the chance of winning something!

Goody bags are those who use their mobiles much more often than me! They are great value too, lasting for a month, they cost as little as £5, and £10 gives you 250 minutes, and unlimited texts and internet. For other goody bags, go on the following link:

Now something really quite unique on giffgaff: If you order a free sim-card through someone who gave you a link you get £5 free credit when you activate the sim card, and your friend also gets £5. If you transfer your old number to giffgaff the credit is also transferred over.

Sounds good? Do you want a free £5? If you are interested in trying giffgaff out, click on the link following this to order a free sim card, and we both get £5 free after you activate the sim-card! I got my card the next day after ordering one. Life is good!

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