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Friday, 15 June 2012

TVB series 2012, who have we seen the most? (Jan-June)

Again, as in a previous post, I have created a word cloud to show which actors/ actresses we have seen the most recently, and also who we will be seeing in the series that TVB have shown to air next. The bigger the name the more series the person has been in. It's only the first half of 2012, wonder who we will be seeing next!
As I noticed, Linda has been in a lot of series recently, from the naive girl in "L'escargot" to the graceful but rather stuck up dancer in "House of Harmony and Vengeance".
Second leads Natalie Tong and Kenny Wong have also appeared frequently as has Florence Kwok.

Unlike last year we've had a break from Kate Tsui for 6 months now, not including her guest star appearance in Gloves Come off. Only having "Highs and Lows" and "Seasons of Love" (yet to be produced) we won't get to see her much this year!

As a random note:
Is it me or does it seem that Moses Chan is in half of the series that Kenny Wong is in: "Heaven and Earth", "4 in Love", "Master of Play", and from previous years, "Dance of Passion", "The Gentle Crackdown", "War and Beauty", and probably more I can't think of!
Also expecting Charmaine to drop of the list next year :(

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